The HoldFast 'The MoneyMaker' Clutches What You Cannot

The HoldFast 'The MoneyMaker' provides photographers with a stylish alternative when carrying multiple cameras. The company HoldFast was created out of necessity to provide photographers with practical equipement. As the HoldFast website states, the company was "founded on Classic Americana themes including style, durability and functionality." This mantra is seen with The MoneyMaker.

The harness is not only fashionable, but allows photographers to comfortably carry between two to three cameras without having to strain the user's body. What's even better is that the harness can also be converted into a video rig.

The MoneyMaker is perfect way to keep dressy outfits classy, especially when shooting weddings or special events. Made out of leather, the harnesses are available in a variety of colors depending on your taste.