The HMN ALNS 'Dragon Ball Z' Collection Makeover

The HMN ALNS Dragon Ball Z collection cleverly gives a makeover to Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z characters. The project HMN ALNS or Human Aliens was created by the otherworldly fashion illustrator Phillip Mimms. Mimms takes the popular manga series, which often finds Goku and his friends in traditional garb, and gives the gang a HMN ALNS streetwear transformation.

Mimms, who most recently worked with designer Jeffrey Campbell on a collection of shoe designs, shows off his love of fashion and anime in these drawings. The talented Mimms styles the Dragon Ball Z with a whole new modern wardrobe. Their clothing labels ranges from Givenchy, Comme des Garcons, Nike, and Supreme to name a few of the brands used. Though the clothing may appear highly eccentric it is what is to be expected for these fictional character. The gang is changed from martial arts masters into sartorial-forward men, or rather, creatures.