Hiroshi Senju Pours Paint Down to Embody a Waterfall

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: hiroshisenju & mymodernmet
Hiroshi Senju has been exploring waterfalls within his artwork for over 20 years now. These gorgeous paintings are his most recent and some of of his most intricate works.

His form of artmaking starts even before the paint touches the canvas. Senju started creating these paintings by first discovering materials such as stones, shells and corals in nature. He then grinds them into a powder form and binds them using animal-hide glue.

Using the 1,000 year-old Nihonga style of painting, Senju pours his self-made paint delicately on the Japanese mulberry paper. This style of painting accentuates the natural materials used.

Hiroshi Senju explains his painting in his following statement: "By pouring paint from top to bottom, I have been painting not the illusion of the waterfall, but creating the waterfall itself."