Sam Badi Clothing Provides Hip Clothing that's Focused on Phonetics

In a bid to help unify people and communities, Sam Badi Clothing is designed to offer hip clothing to people young and old that focused on phonetics to get the point across.

While those who speak English as a second language might have speech down, the written word can be hard to master. As such, Sam Badi Clothing focused on phonetics to literally imprint the way words sound onto hip clothing styles. Offering everything from T-shirts, to sweaters and more Sam Badi Clothing is emblazoned with such sayings as "EVRITIN IS ORRAIT" (everything is alright) and "EVRIBADI DENS NAU" (everybody dance now).

A fun, inclusive way to help encourage communication between people and perhaps produce a laugh or two, Sam Badi Clothing is an exercise in ironic hilarity.