10 Stylish Ways To Stash a Loaf of Bread To Sustain Freshness

 - Dec 26, 2008
References: cribcandy
Hip breadboxes aren't that difficult to find; they're just not something most people bother to scout out.

Keeping your bread tucked in a cupboard or in the fridge is a boring way to stow your loafs, and why would you when there are so many innovative storage devices for your raisin toast and bagels?

Particularly if you have a pet, keeping your bread safely out of their reach is crucial, unless you enjoy sweeping up crumbs and shreds of plastic bag. Apparently it's not just my cat that claws her way into a loaf of bread, I've heard countless tails of other felines (and naturally dogs) doing the same.

This gallery displays some of the chicest bread baskets see on CribCandy, Design3000, Ikea and Amazon.

Featured Breadboxes: Panayiotis Mastroyiannis Opera Bread Box | Wesco Bread Boy | Lionel Poilane Box | Joseph Joseph Bread Bin | Brotkasten Manna | Brottasche Maasai-aubergine | Magasin Bread Bin | Orning Bread Bin | Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box | Hoosier Bread Box