The Hioomi Tahara Towel Hanger System is Ever Changing

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: hiroomitahara & dezeen
The Hioomi Tahara towel hanger system uses a simple system of weights and ropes to keep your rags off the floor. The rack can be repositioned and modified to the suit the home's fluctuating demands.

The towel rack is comprised of a colorful woven rope that is wrapped around pegs mounted to the wall. The sticks can be placed in any arrangement and feature a groove to prevent the rope from slipping off. The cable itself is held taut using a series of hanging weights. The straightforward design allows home owners to adjust the position and presentation of the rail to suit differing functions. There is also a number of attachments available, such as a reinforced star hook for heavier items.

The system can be used not only in the bathroom, but throughout the home wherever storage space is limited. The Hioomi Tahara towel hanger system is designed for modern families with growing and changing needs.