Synchronized Silliness?

 - Aug 23, 2008
AOL Sports has created this fun collection of photographs of the ‘synchronized silliness’ seen recently in Beijing. Olympic level synchronized swimming is a sport that requires discipline, strength and drive. However, with digital photography and athletes outfitted with nose plugs and some truly outrageous costumes, some of the resulting images can be hilarious.

The images are of the following Olympic synchronized swimmers:

1. Jenna Randall and Olivia Allison of Great Britain

2. Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon and Isabelle Rampling of Canada

3. Anastasia Gloushkov and Inna Yoffe of Israel

4&5;. Spanish team in ‘Gangsta’ costumes after they were banned from wearing their LED lit outfits.

6. French, Apolline Dreyfuss and Lila Meesemann-Bakir

7. Japanese Team

8. Tingting Jiang and Wenwen Jiang of China

9. Canadian Team

10. Russian, Anastasia Davydova