'Now! That's What I Call Startups' is a Hilarious Entrepreneurial Tool

Created by web design and development team Reuben and Hunter, this hilarious business tool called 'Now! That's What I Call Startups' is for the high school dropouts and generates quirky business ideas.

Based off of popular consumer software and paired with everyday products, the site offers hilarious ideas for business startups. With the simple push of a giant red button, you've got instant and endless opportunities for brilliant entrepreneurial endeavors. Some exciting innovations include Farmville for STDs, Pandora for pole vaulting and Grooveshark for lunch meetings. The creators are extremely excited about the project. The site describes the technology as, "...a robust next generational game changer, data driven to eliminate low hanging fruit during the mission critical innovation process so you can rest assured you're getting nothing but the best top of the line realtime solutions, guaranteed."

The perfect source for innovation, Now! That's What I Call Startups is a hilarious business tool to keep you a step ahead.