Highrise by ThirtyFive Transforms into Distinguishably Different Decor

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: 36-1 & apartmenttherapy
Though many people do not treat it this way, the embellishment of interior spaces is an artistic activity for a creative cause. Highrise by ThirtyFive Creative Works is an imaginative piece that hands a small task of assembling ornamental objects over to the homeowner.

Look closely at the images of this Flatobjects accessory. You may think that you're observing two very different items, but it is the very same one that can become a wall decal and as well as a stem holder. Powder-coated stainless steel circles are linked together by a segmented spine which can be bent and folded with no risk of permanently altering the piece. The possessor can transform Highrise by ThirtyFive into either of the suggested objects an anything in between.