The Tears in the Lawson Herschel Knapsack Can be Fixed Using Body Heat

 - Mar 12, 2016
References: herschelsupply & mentalfloss
The Lawson Herschel knapsack offers a waterproof and lightweight design to protect personal belongings from the elements while travelling, but it is also designed to be self-repairing. The bag is made with specialized nylon threads that are able to be resealed if holes develop naturally using body heat. This allows consumers to repair any tears that occur during wear without the need to purchase a new knapsack.

The bags are made using nylon material that features an intricate grid made of nylon threads. When a tear or puncture occurs in the material it separates the threads. To rebind them, simple pressure and body heat can be applied with finger tips to remould the material. This technique is ideal for repairing small holes and rips.