The Hendee-Borg House Combines Personal and Creative Spaces

 - Jan 15, 2014
Boston-based artist and occasional professor at MIT William J. O'Brien recently created a rendered Hendee-Borg House in Sonoma, California. He was inspired by the desire to combine the creative and personal lives of two artists, one sculptor and the other, a media artist. The overall structure of the house is layered in literal and physical symmetries.

The structure is composed of the ground floor and an upper floor. The ground floor consists of the kitchen and dining room centered in the middle of the ground level. The dining room is enclosed by a bookshelf wall that leads to the upper galleries and studio spaces by a pair of short staircases.

The exterior of the home takes the form of sawtooth canopy roofline, which is encased with interspersing linear solid and transparent panels.