This Guide by Sophie Lucido Johnson Helps Young Adults Grasp Adulthood

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: theguardian & designtaxi
Chicago-based writer and illustrator Sophie Lucido Johnson created a humorous guide that aims to help young adults to fully transition into adulthood.

The chart acts as a set of rules or guidelines that help the youth understand what adulthood is like. The chart explores areas such as "things all adult women need in order to be happy" and "things all adults are not allowed to have." The whole guide is created with whimsical watercolor images that are nostalgic in their overall theme.

The guide pokes fun at society's views on adulthood, while proving that being an adult cannot be defined by the material objects one owns. Instead of conforming to society's cookie-cutter idea of adulthood, Sophie Lucido Johnson helps young adults by encouraging them to embrace their individuality.