Helen Avagyan Creates Traditional Crafts Out of Nontraditional Materials

 - May 30, 2012
References: berlin.patch & neatorama
While it cannot be denied that Helen Avagyan's creations are in the same family as doilies, the unorthodox material they are made out of will make people want to put them into an entirely different category. More art than craft, Helen Avagyan has creatively fashioned her unique 'doilies' out of chewed bubblegum.

Retired and living in Berlin, Germany, Helen Avagyan's unusual masterpieces was conceived more as an epiphany than anything else. She was sitting one day chewing gum when she realized she could potentially turn it into something beautiful.

Helen Avagyan's chewing gum doilies are made up of thinly rolled pieces of gum that have been held under cold water to freeze them so they don't stick to her hands.