Reality Star Heidi Montag Shocks in "Overdosin"

 - Aug 28, 2008
References: pinkisthenewblog
Heidi Montag, best known for her role on The Hills, has the formula just right for extending her 15 minutes of lame fame: First, Heidi Montag extended her efforts into a ‘music career’. Then, she releases her ‘Overdosin’ video, a cheesy ‘80s-dance-era music video. Then Montag created buzz by apologizing for poor sound quality, subpar editing and un-synced dubbing by claiming "technical difficulties" while uploading.

I can’t decide whether the Heidi Montag Overdosin video is funnier as a publicity stunt or a legitimate music effort. How many other artists successfully upload their videos to their websites without such egregious editing errors? Anyway, the video’s nearly unwatchable--unless, of course, you experience a masochistic glee from train wrecks and self-torture. Or enjoy watching no-talent ‘celebrities’ squander their 15 minutes of fame.