Hedi Xandt Created a Snake-Inspired Ampersand Called 'The Amperxandt'

 - Jun 26, 2014
References: hedixandt & stupidDOPE
Hedi Xandt, a New York-based artist, created a stunning typographic sculpture for New York’s political magazine The New Republic. They wanted her to design a trademark ampersand for them and this definitely is an original piece of work.

She created the ampersand, which is dubbed 'The Amperxandt' in the likes of her name, to look like a snake. The structure was made in the formation of a gold, marbleized serpent. Though it is marvelously regal-looking, the sculpture is also quite morbid. The snake is nailed to a sinking skull and the podium it's perched on is doused in its "blood."

The sculpture was made with intricate attention to detail and with gorgeous accents. It is truly a unique form of artistic expression and is a stand-out piece to say the least.