The Heating Smart Pan Warms Without Red Coils Right Beneath it

 - Sep 12, 2012
References: yankodesign
It might look like a regular frying pan -- a high quality one, but a regular one -- yet the Heating Smart Pan is more than a stove-safe skillet. The innovative culinary appliance is just that, an appliance, capable of increasing in temperature on its own as it sits seemingly passively on your countertop.

Soon Mo Lee's invention integrates an element into its base that can be precisely controlled with buttons on the handle. You can adjust the temperature and initiate a timer for an unheard-of accurate food preparation process. Everything in the saucepan would be fried or sauteed to perfection.

The user is even afforded the unique opportunity to toss the contents in a cutting-edge electrical wok. The Heating Smart Pan can be operated cordless on a full battery charge but can easily be plugged into the wall once the power's been eat up.