The Beet Performer is a Healthy Energy Drink to Improve Stamina

 - Nov 29, 2015
References: beetperformer & beetperformer
The Beet Performer is a wholesome performance-enhancing and healthy energy drink alternative that draws on the nutritional benefits extracted in raw beets. The drink is filled with added vitamins and B12 to provide a natural, sugar-free and caffeine-free alternative to improving stamina.

The beverage is made using pure beet root juice that is extracted from the raw pink veggie and blended with added citric acid and B12. The drink is gluten-free and vegan, using only the natural properties of the juice as an energy source rather than caffeine or sugar. This offers consumers a wholesome way to increase energy quickly.

Fruit juices can be a much more approachable and healthy energy boosting alternative for consumers searching for natural alternatives to caffeine.