Courtney Scharf's Health Infographics Interview is Deliciously Scary

 - Jan 3, 2013
Infographics are becoming very popular, as they make a large quantity of information very visual and easy to read. Health infographics like this one are definitely no exception, and are remarkably memorable.

Trend Hunter's Web Marketing Coordinator, Courtney Scharf shows off insightful health infographics in this exclusive interview. The infographic is very eye-catching, with clean images in bright colours. The statistics and facts that it is comprised of are also very shocking. The infographic discusses the decline of health in North America, the reasons for this decline, and some solutions to the problem.

Courtney also talks about her love for Trend Hunter, and how much she loves writing about cool products and services every day. When she is stuck in a creative rut, she loves to motivate herself by listening to Snoop Lion.

Test your health knowledge by watching this awesome health infographics interview!