‘Headbones’ Amplify Sounds By Sending Vibrations Through the Skull

 - Jun 19, 2014
References: kickstarter
Sure to intrigue anyone with a fascination for tech and biology, the Headbones are offering a clever new way to enhance the traditional audio-listening experience.

Definitely not your ordinary pair of headphones, the Headbones have been creatively designed to amplify sound by sending vibrations through your skull into the inner ear to create a crystal clear awareness of your surroundings. Shaped to easily rest upon your temporal bone, the Headbones can instantly shut out background noise if you desire, making the audio experience much more tailored to your preferred taste. Utilizing the natural properties of the human skull to send audio vibrations, and subsequently enhance hearing capabilities, the Headbones help to minimize any potential hearing damage that may occur.

Perfect for listening to beats at home or simply jamming to tunes while out for a run, the Headbones are offering a unique alternative to the traditional audio accessories.