The 1890 Iron Stag Head Taxidermy Mount is an Artsy Approach to the Craft

 - Sep 9, 2013
References: restorationhardware & fancy
When it comes to the craft of head taxidermy, the 1890 iron stag head seems like a much more humane way to achieve the aesthetic appeal. This piece was created by the famous taxidermist Weise & Bitterlich and was professionally reproduced by 'Restoration Hardware.'

The original iron stag head was taken from Saxony to a chateau in the French Pyrenees. Restoration Hardware took the original antique and reproduced it with resin in order to capture every intricate detail of the original. The timeworn patina of the original is faithfully captured by the way this piece was finished. Head taxidermy is a much debated craft, but with this 1890 iron stag head, it's the beauty of the piece that can be appreciated.