These Two-in-One Chopsticks by Hashikura Matsukan are Contemporary

 - Feb 21, 2014
References: toxel & crnchy
These two-in-one chopsticks by Hashikura Matsukan beautifully blend contemporary architectural designs with practical eating utensils.

While ordinary chopsticks often feature two distinct sticks that when used help grab and pick up food, the Hashikura Matsukan creation rather features a design that blends the two pieces together, seemingly creating one single utensil. Featuring a beautifully twisted upper top that allows the two pieces to be fit together and easily taken apart, this unique chopstick design is a great way to provide modern aesthetics while also saving space.

Perfect for those who enjoy infusing abstract touches into their ordinary everyday routines, the two-in-one chopsticks by Hashikura Matsukan will definitely add a sophisticatedly unique touch to any eating experience.