Has Barbie Reached Her Expiry Date?

 - Jun 27, 2006
References: gushmagazine
Barbie is 47 and in desperate need of a makeover. Despite all of her fancy clothes and houses she has seen the weakest sales in the past five years. Barbie is still a $3 billion dollar brand, but Mattel's competitors, like MGA Entertainment and its Bratz dolls are moving into Barbie's territory. Pat Morrison, a LA Times columnist proposed to kill her and end the brand with a wild and dramatic exit. Mattel's Neil Friedman has other ideas to increase sales and is not ready to give up on Barbie yet. Some of the new features will include Barbie's that can dance change facial expressions and more extravagant houses. But as Mattel's biggest seller, if sales continue to drop it could mean farewell to Barbie. (GUSH Magazine)