The Schon Magazine 'Happy Widow' Editorial is Dark & Eerie

 - May 16, 2012
References: schonmagazine
The Schon magazine 'Happy Widow' editorial delves into the darker side of the deceased. Although the photoshoot is centered upon a widow, her mourning process is portrayed here as atypical, sporting a devilish smile and few melancholy notes.

Schon' fashion editor Laurent Dombromowicz stuck to black shades for the production. The pieces coincide with routine mourning apparel with long ebony dresses and high neck lines. And while these ensembles could have been predicted, the bright dashes of light green and blue eye shadows selected by makeup artist Violette stayed true to the cryptic production.

Model Magdalena pulled off the sinister plot with the help of Danish-based photographer Rasmus Morgensen. Here Morgensen has captured Magdalena's malign expressions, exhibiting an alternative and seldom referenced take on death.