Happy Valley Meat Company Offers Chefs a Holistic Way to Prepare

Happy Valley Meat Company (HVMC) offers a way for chefs specifically to access responsibly raised animals. This is an innovative way for various actors to connect and make a difference. While many consumers have decided not to eat meat or at least eat meat less (See: the Meatless Monday movement that can be seen on various social media platforms each and every week), another option is to be more aware of the animals that you do eat.

"When the two young cofounders of this literal farm-to-plate start-up set out to build a business, they knew the key to connecting chefs to farmers of sustainable beef had to be the slaughterhouse," wrote Edible Manhattan about HVMC in their May/June issue. "It’s hard to treat animals humanely, and meat carefully, when thousands of head of beef are processed in a day."

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