This Happy Mirror Actually Makes You Smile

 - Dec 5, 2013
References: youtube
This happy mirror can literally turn that smile upside down.

The Incendiary Reflection Mirror can actually subtly alter your facial expression to make you look happier. Made in Japan, it utilizes an LCD display and a camera to capture your image an slightly manipulate it in real time to make you look happier than you really are. The alterations are minor because too much of a change could cause a disconnect between the viewer and the generated image; they'd have a hard time recognizing themselves, or they'd be too caught up by the alteration being a fake smile.

This happy mirror has the potential to help patients battle depression by making them happier with a smiling image of themselves. There is the potential to use the LCD display in the dressing rooms of clothing stores where people would be more likely to by an article of clothing or outfit if they saw themselves smiling in it.