'Schattenspiel' by Hans-Peter Feldmann Turns Toys into Ghostly Figures

 - Apr 14, 2012
References: 303gallery & designboom
This live art show in Milan showcases conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann's project titled 'Schattenspiel' or 'Shadow Play.'

The project is set on an elongated table that sits parallel to a canvas wall with an array of different toys and nicknacks atop. Studio lights are placed closely to the toys, creating life size shadows of human figurines on the blank wall behind. The toys are connected to a rotating square pedestal that moves to create dancing shadows.

This installation is interactive and theatrical as each movement creates an unfixed narrative. Feldmann tends to leave his audience to interpret the narratives and meaning in his work; without any language influences, this art project leaves viewers to guide themselves to interpreting what the shadows mean. 'Shadow Play' by Hans-Peter Feldmann is opened until June 12.
Photo Credits: designboom, 303gallery