Hanging Jelly Planters by Angus & Celeste are Inspired by Centerpieces

 - Jun 21, 2014
References: angusandceleste.au & trendland
The Hanging Jelly Planters might look very contemporary, but they were actually inspired by elaborate jelly centerpieces from the 18th and 19th centuries. Embracing their bulbous shapes, these suspended gardens are as decorative as the greenery they carry. It really turns such displays into works of art.

Designed by Asha Celeste and Keir Angus of Angus & Celeste, a design duo based in Victoria, Australia, the Hanging Jelly Planters are available in a range of soft pastel colors including green, pink, blue and yellow. This palette is achieved by adding colorant to liquid porcelain before it is fired in the kiln. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, the Hanging Jelly Planters are currently available in two models: a round bubble shape and oval pleated shape.