Handful Of Plates By Alissia Melka Teichroew

 - Feb 18, 2007
References: goods.nl & designcrack
I get excited when a designer creates a new typology for a product category, and that's exactly what Alissia Melka Teichroew with her design Handful of Plates. The execution is pretty simple: take a standard plate and squeeze it up a little. The concept is deep: ” How the heck do I eat this soft taco without the tortilla always flapping open and the ingredients popping out?”. It's so clever and handy, I can almost imagine this product sitting along with my bowls and plates ten years from now. Imagine fifty years in the future when people look in their cabinet at on of these plates and think that probably a caveman invented this, that's how simple and timeless this design is. Or they might think, “That's some pretty good marketing for a defective plate.”.