Luke Lamp Co. Designs 'The Best Flashlight Ever'

 - Mar 5, 2012
References: etsy & kickstarter
With a hand-carved wooden handle, steel top, stream light LED core lasting sixty hours, extreme durability and waterproof casing, this flashlight by Luke Lamp Co. just may be exactly what it's advertised as on Kickstarter: "The Best Flashlight Ever." The concept is charmingly subtle and its size makes it comfortably portable. The designer has included a threaded steel bit at the end of the hand-carved light so users can screw it into either a metal base to act as a night stand or into reclaimed pipe pieces effectively focusing the light into more of a spot beam rather than being spread out.

This flashlight by Luke Lamp Co. doesn't come with any easily misplaced accessories, but rather, it provides the user with exactly what they're looking for: an ingenious design complete with durability and functionality.