The Halloween Zombie Skin Suit Will Creep You Out

 - Oct 18, 2012
References: amazon & 7gadgets
Have people crawling out of their skin when they see you in your creepy Halloween Zombie Skin Suit by Forum Biohazard. This head-to-toe body suit is the perfect Halloween get-up that is sure to freak people out, as they won’t be completely convinced you didn’t just crawl out of a decaying tomb.

Going a different way than the usual blood and guts zombies, this walking dead costume looks like a rotten corpse that has been ripening underground for too long with its cracking grey skin and spots of moldy green rot. Made out of 100% spandex, this suit comes with a hood to cover your face, making this Halloween Zombie Skin Suit the ultimate disguise that no one will be able to recognize you through.