These Unnerving Paintings Show Women Ensnared by Their Own Hair

Luscious locks, frizz-free curls, more shine or more volume -- women worldwide spend plenty of time captivated by their own hair and this series of hair portraits by Dutch artist Roos van der Vliet takes that concept to a very literal level.

In the series of impressive, slightly disturbing hair portraits, women stare out at the viewer through thick, often tangled curtains of hair. Their eyes are clear and piercing but their mouths are universally covered by imaginative variations of hair shackles. In one image, interlaced strands of tangled hair entrap a woman's mouth in a configuration that resembles a medieval torture device. In others, solid cloths of hair look like face-covering masks, leaving only small sections of the women's faces exposed. This series of intriguing hair portraits is titled 'Storytellers' and illustrates women's hair obsession in an intriguing way.