The Hair Filter Effectively Traps the Strands that Clog Your Shower

 - Jan 8, 2015
References: & yankodesign
Looking at the Hair Filter concept, one immediately understands why it is a vast improvement upon your standard perforated drain stoppers. The common catchers for hair in bathtubs and showers sit directly overtop of the opening for the plumbing, allowing the water output to be blocked all the same.

With Jeon Minchang and Yeon Taekwon, Choi Seungho designed a flexible silicone ring that's intended to be placed around the perimeter of the drain, keeping the opening unobstructed. The strategy for actually catching things like hair and bits of lint is a system of soft spikes that circle the donut shape. Molded to different heights, these bumps cause strands to tangle and get trapped, but allow liquid to still pass over. The Hair Filter can be easily removed and cleaned, and it's completely painless to step on.