These 3D-Printed Poems Reveal the Words Once Submerged in Moisture

 - Nov 25, 2015
References: & fastcodesign
Design firm Drazch & Suchy have created a visually enticing set of haiku poetry pieces that are made using 3D-printing and are designed only to reveal the words when the poem is submerged in water. The creative revealing process adds a level of mystery and mystic to the writing asking the reader to go beyond simple reading to create meaning from the piece.

The 'haiku' project by the brand was inspired by water striders and the impact their movement has on a body of water's surface. The poems are printed on a grid-like material using 3D-printing. The material is lightweight and durable so that it can float on the water's surface without disintegrating. As the water hits the material the purposefully embossed areas create a shadow onto the water, revealing the words to the poem.