The Haiku Smart Fan Regulates Temperature Based on Personal Preferences

 - Jun 9, 2014
References: bigassfans & gizmag
Awesomely-named company Big Ass Fans has announced that its latest version of the Haiku ceiling fan will be equipped with SenseME technology that turns it into an impressively smart device that seemingly thinks for itself. The fan has WiFi connectivity and is fitted with sensors that help it regulate temperature and speed based on whether anyone's in the room.

The Haiku fan uses a built-in WiFi module as well as infrared, temperature and humidity sensors to help maintain users' ideal room temperature. It can be programmed to start up or wind down as you enter or leave a room, speed up as more people enter the room or slow down as the temperature drops.

The fan can be controlled by a companion iOS app which features a number of nifty preset modes. 'Whoosh Mode' offers a breeze that is said to make you feel up to 40% cooler, 'Sleep Mode' lowers the fan speed as you doze off and 'Alarm Mode' can be used to wake you up with a combination of air, light and sound.