H20 by Howard Schatz is Gracefully Artistic

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: howardschatz & mymodernmet
If someone were to say that the models in the photo series titled H20 by Howard Schatz were actually sculptures, that would make this shoot more believable. As it stands, however, they are real women who have been directed to take up gracefully artistic poses that make people doubt the genuine nature of the photo shoot.

H20 by Howard Schatz celebrates the female form and the beauty of movement. With only a colorful scarf to cover their naked bodies, the models happen to be dancers and performers who have learned over time how to manipulate their limbs in strikingly ways. As is stated on Schatz's website, "They appear before the camera as though borrowed from a dream."

A custom pool fitted with studio lights and a dome that regulates water temperature was used for the series H20 by Howard Schatz.