The Gyoza Maker Transforms Complicated Dishes into Doable Everyday Treats

 - Sep 26, 2012
References: japantrendshop
If you love Japanese dumplings then you'll want to get your hands on the portable gyoza maker.

Whether you like Japanese gyoza, Chinese dumplings or wontons, you'll know that they are so delicious but also very difficult to make, especially when it comes to properly sealing the edges. This dumpling contraption looks a lot like a pasta maker but rest assured, you don't want to be rolling your luscious linguine through these wheels. If you love to eat but cannot cook, you can purchase pre-made wrappers at your local grocery store. Gently lay the wrappers on the maker, ensuring it's centered, and scoop some of the filling on. If you're worried about an over-packed and potentially explosive dumpling, this set comes with a perfect measure so each gyoza is the same. Once completed, just turn the handle and the dumpling will come out on the bottom, perfectly sealed each time.