The 'Gun Ownership in American' Infographic Should Alarm Citizens

 - Aug 22, 2012
The 'Gun Ownership in American' infographic examines the second amendment of the United States -- the "right to bear arms." An internationally debated concept, the United States has taken this right and truly run with it. Though they package themselves internationally as beacons of peace and spreaders of democracy, they are, in fact, the single largest gun ownership population of all time.

The majority of Americans own a gun -- a whopping 62 percent of the population is registered with arms. Mostly used for stopping potential crimes, the intensity of the prevalence of guns has led to harsh international criticisms against their policy and America has seen a definitive surge in gun violence.

Regardless of international opinion (like on so many other issues), America has stayed steadfast and insisted on their ability and fundamental right to own such weaponry.