This Gun Attachment Reduces a Bullet's Speed by 80 Percent

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: alternativeballistics & gizmag
This innovative gun attachment quickly clips onto a sidearm pistol to create a less than lethal round for law enforcement.

Designed by Alternative Ballistics, 'The Alternative' actually slows down the velocity of a bullet by up to 80 percent, while still creating enough stopping force to incapacitate a potential threat. Quick and easy to attach, the bright orange plastic gun attachment fits over a pistol without interfering with its sight.

At the end of the barrel is a hollowed out alloy ball that catches the bullet. Once the bullet is incased, it is turned into a blunt projectile with less penetrative force but with the same amount of accuracy. After a first less lethal round has been fired, 'The Alternative' automatically detaches from the pistol, allowing the user to fire a lethal round if the need arises. With its less than lethal option, Alternative Ballistics hopes that law enforcement situations involving firearms can end with less gruesome results.