The DelSonix SD28 Analog Speaker Attaches To Your Guitar's Headstock

 - Jan 23, 2016
References: delsonix & gizmag
The SD28 is a brand new analog guitar speaker, developed by DelSonix, that is designed to make it easier than ever to practice or play an unplugged electric guitar at any time.

Playing an unplugged electric guitar is a great way to practice, but the soudn can often be pretty underwhelming. This is where the DelSonix SD28 comes in. This analog speaker is comprised of a trio of components -- a regular off-the-shelf spring clamp, a hollow wooden tube and a special polyester resonator. When you pick at your guitar, the vibrations at the headstock are harnessed and exit the resonator in the form of sound waves. This allows you to get a thick, acoustic guitar-like sound at a reasonable volume so you don't disturb anyone.

Ultimately, this guitar speaker is perfect for doodling and practicing in your bedroom, particularly if you live with or near people who don't appreciate your playing.