Guilty Pledgers Lets Users Add Songs to Playlists for a Donation

 - Mar 7, 2014
References: guiltypledgers & psfk
Guilty Pledgers is making party playlist hijackers pay the price, literally. The app will allow users to add their song to Spotify party playlists for a donation.

At any house party, there's always the would-be DJ that knows what song everyone should be listening to. For the "this my jam" types there's Guilty Pledgers. Guilty Pledgers will allow users to add their preferred songs to playlists for a little bit of money. The money is donated to charity so everyone gets to feel good about the situation.

Using Guilty Pledgers is also remarkably easy. All users have to do is sign in to Facebook; once signed in the pledges start at $3.33. There are also over 13,000 different charities to choose from so users can get involved with and support their favorite causes.