Trend Hunter Scopes the GUESS 2013 Women's Lineup

 - May 13, 2013
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It's a poorly kept secret that we're fans of fashion here at Trend Hunter, so it was exciting for us to go and check out the GUESS 2013 Collection for Fall. Trend Hunter Brandon Bastaldo sat down with stylist Talia Brown to chat about some of the fashionable finds that are part of the GUESS 2013 fall lineup, particularly those involving denim and leopard-print designs.

Talia Brown: I'm Talia Brown, a stylist. I'm here with Trend Hunter.

Trend Hunter: Hey Talia, I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about the GUESS 2013 lineup.

Brown: Yeah! The GUESS 2013 lineup is pretty exciting. They're doing a lot of animal print in autumn. They're not just doing it in their clothing, but their purses and jewelry too. It's leopard-print and zebras. It's kind of like you're visiting a safari. Then they're doing the 'Day-to-Night.' It's so sharp with high-waisted skirts with a lot of embellishment. You wear the high-waisted skirt at work with a tucked in shirt. They're even doing collars and lapels. Then at night you take it off and throw on one of their nice simple tank tops. You can bring the leopard-print right in or you can put on the fringe coat that's part of their more casual-wear. They're doing a lot of denim on denim on denim.

TH: GUESS is a brand that is built on trends and they're trend setters. Is there anything that GUESS is picking up this year that's really trendy that's evident in the 2013 lineup?

Brown: I thought that GUESS was being really trendy by adding character to their collared lapels. You're seeing little pieces of metals and jewels and things that people normally leave their collars to be their accent of their own. You wouldn't want to wear a necklace with these collars because they are the necklace. It frames your face. The idea that they're adding fringe under the arms. All the character they're giving to their clothing is worth the attention that they'll be getting, and you already know it's going to.

TH: I think GUESS is a brand that's intrinsically linked to youth in their designs and their work. What keeps GUESS on the cutting edge?

Brown: I think that GUESS is on the cutting edge because they're constantly seeing where things are evolving. They're trying to be ahead of the trend instead of behind. So, they're mixing the lace and leather and playing up the animal prints. They're doing print on print on their purses and jewelry. They're making sure that it's what people want and are looking for.