NamelessleTTER Features Personalized Book Markers

 - Jan 6, 2009
References: namelessletter
People have different approaches to books; some keep them on a shelf forever, while others love to pass them on. I belong to those who love the share the story, the lessons and the inspiration, which is why NamelessleTTer appeals to me.

NamelessleTTer is a blog that encourages people to create personalized bookmarks, and leave them inside books destined for the hands of others. Some people leave these books laying in public places, while others donate them to used bookstores.

The goal of the NamelessleTTer blog is to collect images of these incredibly unique bookmarks. The gallery above shows 6 examples of the types of creative makers people have found, along with the name of the book in which it was discovered.

The site is still a baby, and these are actually the only images posted thus far, but the author encourages those who create their own, or discover, personalized notes in books to send them in to share with the world.

My favourite? "My boss thinks I'm working hard!!!" left in Playboy.