Mischief Making In Supermarket Parking Garages

 - Dec 10, 2008
References: chunnel
'Park, Set and Match' is an incredibly creative, disruptive live art piece by Jorge Mañes. The guerrilla art installation is essentially an abuse of London’s supermarket parking garages (read: hell on earth) which he paints to turn into tennis courts, then holds real matches on them!

These privately owned properties are monitored by CCTV cameras and security guards; however, to legally occupy a parking space for two hours, you have to make some type of purchase (you could always stick to chewing gum.) Once your purchase is made, you can then set up your tennis match which will be automatically ‘televised’ by CCTV cameras. Really want to aggravate the security guards? Demand a copy of the tape: it is illegal for them not to give you one under h the creative commons act.

Win a Jorge Mañes match and you'll be awarded with a fruity trophy… GENIUS!

As an aside, the players look pretty hot too ;-)