The GRO^ Rocking Horse Expresses Itself as a Minimalist Timber Frame

 - Nov 13, 2013
Looking at the GRO^ Rocking Horse, you won't see what you might expect to. The image of the mountable hoofed mammal has been completely abandoned in favor of a very minimalist frame; additionally, an exaggerated bowed base makes for more effective oscillating.

The Fritz Hansen product embodies the clarity and crispness that's typical of Scandinavian design, employing few pieces of pale wood that have been assembled very thoughtfully. The photos demonstrate what the rocker looks like when it's been strung up with a leather saddle, inviting young children to sit down, grab hold of the ropes and sway back and forth. What you don't see, however, is that Christian Troels and Michael Svane Knap made the GRO^ Rocking Horse age-adaptable. The cords can be swapped out to install a baby's cradle kit or a balance board for older kids.