Walk Around Town Impersonating a Bear with the Griz Coat

 - Jan 8, 2013
References: grizcoat & incrediblethings
Look as wicked and badass as grizzly bears do with the Griz Coat.

The company's motto, "It's not a costume, it's a lifestyle," says it all. The coat, which is available in either a polar bear or grizzly bear style, is a full-length fur coat adorned with a realistic bear head hood. The coat has specific features, such as the fangs and the claws, which make the coat look even more realistic. If you saw someone sporting one of these bad boys down the street, I am sure it would cause a few people to either run for cover in the opposite direction or be mystified as to how a bear can walk on two feet.

For those animal lovers out there, there is no need to worry about the cruelty factor in the making of these jackets because the Griz Coat is in fact 100% faux fur.