These Handy Grilling Utensils Feature Built-In LED Lights

 - Jul 21, 2015
References: grillight & blessthisstuff
'Grillight' is a set of handy grilling utensils that makes it easier to BBQ when the sun goes down. Whether your party is running late or you simply have a late-night craving for burgers, these luminous tools are the perfect BBQ accessories.

Upon first glance, the Grillight pieces look like standard stainless steel utensils. However, the handle of each device is actually equipped with a high-intensity LED light for grilling in the dark. While some LEDs emit a blueish light, the LEDs used in the Grillight tools are designed to replicate daylight so that you can better see your food. Grillight thus serves as a handy set of grilling utensils, which help you see a smoky or dimly lit grill.

With summer in full swing, these grilling accessories are the perfect tools for late-night BBQing.