Greening Roofs With Sod Allow You to Live Eco-Friendly With Ease

 - Feb 16, 2013
References: motherearthnews & ecosalon
If you are committed to living an Eco-friendly lifestyle and are seeking to redefine your living space then greening roofs may be the option for you. Greening roofs essentially cover the top of your abode with sod, fauna and flora. This method is natural, will not disrupt the earth and is environmentally conscious. Instead of using wasteful materials and toxic chemicals for architectural design, you can incorporate green elements such as a sod roof into your design to minimize your carbon footprint.

Sod roofs may seem unusual, but they are visually enchanting and will allow you to sleep at night without pondering the damage you are doing to the environment. The greenery on your roof will create a temperature moderating effect. Thus, it will keep you cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. Greening roofs are a wonderful idea and will help you redefine you commitment to staying green.