The All-New Green Deutsche Bahn Will Run Exclusively on Renewable Energy

 - Oct 17, 2011
References: smartplanet & treehugger
For any other country, claiming to revamp your entire public rail system with eco-friendly technologies would be a bold-faced statement, but for Germany and Green Deutsche Bahn, it's just the logical next step.

Deutsche Bahn is Germany's only train operator and is responsible for maintaining, routing and building new rail cars. As it stands, 20% of the service runs on renewable energies -- for the engineers behind the system, however, that isn't nearly enough. An exciting new initiative has turned the otherwise ordinary service into the new and improved Green Deutsche Bahn! The architects behind the new plan claim they will reach 28% renewable consumption by 2014 and finally reach the carbon neutral summit in 2050. Imagine that: travelling across continental Europe without so much as putting a single toxin into the air. It's certainly a powerful and appealing idea.