The Muwi Lawnmower Makes Lawn Frisbees

 - Sep 5, 2008
References: yankodesign
Grass cutting is a boring and monotonous chore, but mowing the lawn can actually be fun. The Muwi concept lawnmower is an electronic lawnmower that compresses lawn clippings into grass balls and disks, perfect for playing with.

If you're worried about grass stains, these lawn balls and disks also make great compost fertilizer.

The concept of the mower is similar to a sheep; as it cuts the lawn, it stores the grass in its compartments. As it fills with grass, the Muwi compresses the greenery, eliminating the need to gather residual clippings after mowing.

The lawn is turned into organic toys that children and adults can play with. Alternatively, it can be turned into a seating pad, but I think a game of grass Frisbee sounds much more fun!