The stylepie JELLY Gravity-Controlled Clock is for the Young in Spirit

 - Oct 29, 2014
References: yankodesign
This gravity-controlled clock was created for grown-ups who are still children at heart. Designed by stylepie, the JELLY alarm clock has a youthful jello cup-inspired shape. The timepiece functions using internal movement sensors that can identify which direction user input is coming from. It does not have any buttons or cords.

Putting the "fun in functionality," the gravity-controlled clock is also manipulated through movement. Rather than pressing the snooze button, you simply push the clock, making it roll around and the alarm is turned off temporarily. If you want to stop the alarm all together, you turn the clock over and place it face down.

JELLY comes in a few different colors including red, white and an aquamarine hue.